Monday, June 23, 2008


Thanks for my birthday phone calls and well wishes on Saturday. I was happy to hear from so many people, and I had so much fun with my awesome Saturday night celebration delegation (Allison, Jason, Carrie and Leslie).

One sad bit of news: my camera broke Friday night. One minute I was taking pictures, and the next minute the camera was permanently turned off. Game over. I charged the battery Saturday, but the camera will not turn on no matter what. I was able to save all my pictures off of my memory card, but I didn't even get to use it on my birthday night (thankfully my friends took plenty of pictures... and video). So it's time to call Canon, and fast, because my first tap class (Allison's second) is tonight and I know you're all dying to see pictures and/or video of that.

But until my friends e-mail me those pictures, this is all I have to document my birthday weekend: the lovely Carrie* and me** at Aerial on Friday night (and yes, these were taken with someone else's perfectly functional camera):

*She's single, boys!
**Hair is actually shorter than it appears.


  1. You look gorgeous! I'm sorry that your camera broke, but I'm happy you had a great birthday.

  2. Love the hair. What? No nightie this year?

  3. Thanks kids. It's a little short for my personal preference but everyone really seems to like it.


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