Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yesterday, Allison and I went to buy our tap shoes for the tap class we are taking this summer.

I don't know what kind of tap shoe you expected us to buy. An elegant high-heeled number? Sleek, classy and professional just like a real live Radio City Rockette? Something along these lines, perhaps: Yeah, not so much. Don't get me wrong. We tried on some of those shoes. They are just too expensive. Neither of us wanted to pay more for the tap shoes than we were paying for the class.

There were so many options! High heeled! Slip ons! Lace ups! Soft upper! Mary Janes! How would we choose?
The lace ups and slip ons were quickly ruled out, as they made me look like I'd been taking fashion advice from Queen Elizabeth (don't miss the ankle footies):
Allison trying on one of the nicer pairs:
At this point, I notice the lady has been bringing out nothing but the $50 and $60 shoes. Good thing we'd done our homework. I mean, do we look like fools? (Correct answer: not yet.)

"Do you have any of the $30 ones in stock? There were some on your web site that we are interested in." She got up to check. She had them in Allison's size but not mine:
She called her other stores. I was very disappointed when she got off the phone and told us that no other stores had the shoes in my size. I was sad but too engrossed in showing Allison how to do a faLAP to notice the saleslady had disappeared back into the stock room.

With a flourish, she returned. "I think I have something you'll like - in both your sizes," she announced with a grin on her face. She opened the boxes, and pulled out these:
All together now: ooooooooooh! Aahhhhhhhhhh!

It was love at first sight. They are so tacky that they are beautiful. Pristine, just like the white skates you always wanted as a child but your mom never got you. And most importantly, they were pretty cheap too. She gave us a deal on them, very likely because she knew there are no other adults in the state of Tennessee that would ever buy white patent leather tap shoes, and it was now or never to make the sale.

We may even go buy some different colored grosgrain ribbon to change out with the white ribbon you see in the picture. Pink? Green? PLAID? Who even knows.

Unfortunately, it looks like I will be missing our first tap class. But if one class is nearly as exciting as buying shoes was, this is going to be a hilarious summer.

And just for fun, here's the follow up conversation between Allison and me this morning:
A: Did you try and break in your shoes last night?
L: A little bit.
A: I think that my feet grew by the time I got home.
They seemed a little tight.
L: I put them on with my pompom socks and the socks are too thick.
A: Pompom socks?! I bet that was HOT. J could barely keep his hands off me when I was wearing mine. JK. He told me I looked like a moron.
L: Are you serious?
A: He is just jealous.
L: Hahahahhaha!
A: But I did have my pants rolled up to my knees and knee socks on so I did look stupid.
L: But did you tell him how much money you saved?!?!
A: Yes, he did like that.


  1. You're crazy. I can't believe that you are actually purchasing tap dancing shoes. Are you going to have a recital or performance? That may be worth booking a plane ticket for.

  2. Not an official recital. Instead, we are going to have a party, tap for a few minutes, and then all go out afterward. I think you should totally come! I miss you!


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