Sunday, June 08, 2008


What a fantastic weekend! let's review:

On Friday night, I went back to the CMA Fest for what was unarguably the best of the four nightly concerts. We got there in time to see Lady Antebellum take the stage, followed by an amazing show from Miranda Lambert, followed by an even more amazing show from Carrie Underwood, followed by a so-so Josh Turner, followed by a good show by Faith Hill, followed by a good show by Keith Urban. We felt like we'd already gotten our money's worth by the time Keith Urban rolled around, so we didn't stick around for his whole set.

Before I describe the concerts, I am proud to announce that I am a CHAMP at Redneck Bingo. A tour t-shirt, jorts, fanny packs, etc. Seriously. Anyone who'd like to challenge me, bring it on.

Now about the shows, here's what I think - Miranda Lambert: awesome. She's adorable and sings (and plays) her heart out. Carrie Underwood: perfection. Homegirl was absolutely flawless for each of the several songs she sang. Josh Turner: entertaining. I'm a fan. Faith Hill: high as a kite and looked ridiculous. But she has an incredible voice so I will overlook the clouded judgment - literally - in wardrobe and hair.

Whomever is in charge of the CMAs needs to make sure to spread out all the super popular acts among the four nightly concerts. For instance: tonight's big names to close the festival? Randy Travis and Dwight Yoakam. Last night? Kenny Rogers. I'm sorry, what? Who? Put a positive spin on it all you want, but there is a reason Dwight Yoakam hasn't performed at CMA Fest in 20 years - it's cause no one likes him anymore! He should have been tossed into the mix on Friday and Carrie or Faith saved to close out tonight. But maybe that's just me.

Saturday afternoon, my roommate and I spent a couple of hours in the sun at the YMCA pool. It wasn't too crowded and I'm looking forward to going back lots more this summer. Especially because there's a TCBY conveniently across the street!

Saturday p.m. brought dinner (Macaroni Grill) and a movie (Kung Fu Panda). Now here's my question. How many people have to stop by your table to ask what on earth are you eating because it looks so delicious and I absolutely have to order it before Macaroni Grill takes your Make Your Own Pasta Bowl concoction and puts it on their menu as Pasta a la Lindsay? Because if it's at least two, then look out Rachael Ray. Macaroni Grill brings you a notepad and you check off all the things you want for your pasta, right? So I check penne pasta + grilled chicken + pesto + sun-dried tomatoes + pine nuts and then - here's the key - made my own little check box for CHEESE and then checked it with a big fat check and underlined it three times just for good measure. Y'all - it was so good I wanted to stop by my own table and ask myself about it! They have not seen the last of me or my pasta at the Opry Mills Macaroni Grill, that's for sure.

Then, like I said, we went to see Kung Fu Panda on the IMAX screen. It was super cute and funnier than I expected and I recommend it if you like animals, humor, Disney, Pixar or happiness in general.

Which brings me to today. First I went to the mall and spent an hour trying on swimsuits. I intentionally have avoided doing this since about 2005. However, I actually found a few that I liked. One suit in particular I was ready to buy until I realized it was a) a halter top, and I already have two of those from Target, and buying that style would defeat the whole reason I went swimsuit shopping in the first place (glutton for punishment get a new style for tanning purposes); and b) a little pricey to not have anywhere to wear it besides the YMCA. So I left empty handed. Actually I left even more empty handed than I had arrived. I realized after I'd already left that my one of my favorite pearl earrings had fallen out while I was in the dressing room. It was fake but it was my favorite set. So I guess that effectively prioritizes my birthday list.

Speaking of priorities, I have lots of friends
who are in the middle of decorating a home (Katie and Jenn are two of them) . I am sad I'm not there yet because I am a mere renter and don't want to invest a lot of time or money into anything I can't take with me when I move out.

But I have been needing to get organized in a few places, one of which is under my bathroom sink. Prior to today, I had two small clear plastic tubs that became a catchall for everything bathroomish rather than a designated spot for my contact solution, toothpaste, etc., to go so that I wouldn't leave it all on my sink counter. Things were beginning to pile up and I couldn't take it, so I have been basket hunting for about a month now.

Today hit the jackpot with a trip to TJMaxx and WalMart. First, I bought a pair of larger, taller basket from TJ Maxx for $7 each. In one went my hair straightener, hair dryer, brush and hair products; in the other, toilet paper and... um... other paper type products.
Then at WalMart, I found two smaller baskets:
What I think the good folks at WalMart intended to be a flatware basket for a lovely summer picnic (it's a wicker "utility basket" from the crafts department so maybe it could hold knitting supplies instead of forks, I don't know - the point is, it's getting neither), I have turned into a perfect storage solution for the products I use in my low maintenance daily regime. I have a place for my toothpaste and floss, my rubber bands and bobby pins, my contact solution and case, and for the deodorant, lotion, etc. There's a place for everything (except my toothbrush and glasses, who live on the sink counter in a little stand). The second small basket I got from WalMart now holds all my extras: razors, mouthwash, boxes of soap, hand mirror, band-aids, etc. Here you can see how the whole set looks together. Organized, effective, perfect.
And yes, it drives me crazy that they're all not the same weave or color but I can't win em all. OH. Maybe I will spray paint them. Yes. That is totally what Jenn or Katie would do. Problem solved.

So there's everything you ever wanted to know about my weekend and my bathroom sink. Have I gone too far? Shared too much? It wouldn't be the first time. But speaking of sharing things, I find out some news tomorrow and I really, really want it to be good news. It has to be. I don't even know what would happen if it's not. So say some prayers and cross your fingers for me.


  1. I would like to note here, that I wish I had Carrie Underwood's legs...

    Nice work on the baskets...wanna come organize me?!?

    Lauren :)

  2. What are man jorts?
    Please educate yo' mama


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