Thursday, June 26, 2008


Remember me writing about my broken camera and how I was going to have to get it fixed?


I called Canon on Monday night. I was told I had two choices: pay $100 for a factory refurbished nicer model camera, or pay to ship it to Canon, let them take 5-10 business days to look at it for free and then call me back with the problem, at which point I could choose to pay for repair (which, for a model 3 years old with no warranty, was estimated at $75 + shipping back to me) or I could then decide to pay $100 for that nicer model after hearing what my repairs would cost. I was hesitant to upgrade immediately, so I decided to send it to them for a diagnosis. My hesitation stemmed from a) there was no undoing the deal once I had them process it - all sales final; and b) I was hoping mine was a battery issue (aka cheap). But the Canon man pointed out that the battery wouldn't have charged if that were the case. I know it charged because the LED light on the battery charger said it was ready to go after I charged it Saturday night, so it was more than likely not a battery issue and I was going to have to pay for repair or the new camera.

After I hung up with Canon, I made a quick call to my financial adviser*.

...and then promptly called Canon again.

The SD750 just arrived at my office and the battery is charging right now. But I have to send the old camera to them to recycle (they'll charge me a fee if I don't). So, bye bye old camera. It's been real. You were there for me during all the good times, and I'll never forget how you stepped in and made a painful situation a lot less painful.**

*My sister, who's practically got "Dave Ramsey says" tattooed across her shoulders.
**I had to run out and buy it to avoid being cameraless for two of my best friends' weddings after my first camera was STOLEN the weekend before, which is another post for another time when I am medicated enough to talk about it without getting so angry that my blood pressure rises too high and I am rendered bitter and ineffective for the rest of the day.


  1. Dave Ramsey says a lot of things ... those who are wise will listen and learn.

  2. my laptop is you think that hp will do the same thing canon did???? a girl can dream!

  3. Sweet. I have the SD600. Great cameras.

  4. I have this SAME camera, and I love it. YAY for a new one - best picture wishes!


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