Friday, September 26, 2008


1. I have been meaning to tell you all about my new best friend, a little product called Dr. Feelgood. Ever look in the mirror at the end of the day and wonder where all your makeup went? I started using this as a face primer and boy does it work. If you are looking for something to keep your foundation from sliding right off your face, then run and buy this.

2. Look who was on the Office last night:
Look at that handsome little man behind Pam! I thought I'd have to wait until the game tomorrow to see him but boy was I wrong. Hiiiiiiii, Eric!

3. I am making progress on my third goal for the year. I watched Pulp Fiction last night and while I was entertained, I was not impressed. I can't believe that movie gets as much praise as it does. That one scene in the basement of the pawn shop really freaked me out big time. I also saw and enjoyed Rain Man the other week. Or did I tell you that already?

4. I am so excited about going home I am about to wet my pants. This weekend promises to be filled with good things - Mom, Taziki's, mom's pancakes, Auburn, football, friends, road trips. And there's even plenty of "candy" to get me there and back!

5. So long, Elle Woods. In case you didn't hear, Legally Blonde is closing its doors in October. Yes, I'm blaming Bailey. At least it's going on tour though, and making a stop in Music City, so I'll get to see it eventually.

War Damn Eagle, y'all - I'm off like a prom dress.


  1. he's totally eyeing Pam! we DVRed it, can't wait to watch!

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  3. Ahh. Eww. My face. She is incredible. I really like her a million. I didn't think I was gonna get much love on that show, but I got lucky.


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