Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am almost ashamed to admit this, but at the same time too tickled not to share.

I (and every single one of you who are tired of hearing about this) owe a BIG thanks to a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, for STEALING someone else's Friends season 10 disc 3 and giving it to me! As in he/she saw it sitting out during a party, put it on his/her person and took it. The dwelling from where he/she took it was full of intoxicated people so no one noticed, but here's my favorite part: apparently, upon seeing it lying atop a stack of DVDs, my friend immediately recognized it as the one I was missing (proof nagging works) followed by the realization that I "wanted it more." He/she knew I would take better care of it. Which I will. So I guess rather than saying it was stolen on my behalf, let's just say I adopted the neglected child from a semi-hostile environment.

When I got a text announcing that the DVD had been lifted, I didn't believe it, not until the disc was in my hand. Then I buckled it up safe and sound and took it home, put it in my DVD player and have had it on all night.
So morals of the story: I have amazing friends, and if you want something bad enough and complain long enough, someone will eventually give it to you or steal it for you.

*Note: Obviously I didn't ASK anyone to steal the DVD for me. I'm just the recipient of some old-fashioned Robin Hooding.


  1. I'm so happy I saw you on Saturday! Maybe I will be so lucky to run into you again this weekend!

  2.'re welcome.


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