Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am sitting at my computer at work, enjoying a sun-dried tomato and artichoke stuffed boneless chicken breast in a white wine reduction along with mushroom-pared, roasted, herbed new potatoes and grilled pencil asparagus ties. A jumbo lump low-country crab cake in classic remoulade is also on my plate but I'm not enjoying that. Sorry. And in a few minutes I get a chocolate sin cake with a warm molten center accompanied by both cassis coulis and a pistachio anglaise. And to think I was worried about what I'd be eating for dinner tonight! I love my job.

Speaking of work, Billy Bob Thornton was in the house today. He was kind of silly looking. I can't stand celebrities who wear their sunglasses indoors.


  1. Your meal description evoked a bit of reflux as I was reading. I'm pretty sure I just heard bebe say, "But Auntie Lindsay, I don't like sun dried tomatoes." I, however, do. I'm already making sacrifices and this baby is only 12 weeks along! yikes! :) Enjoy something scrumptuous (spelling??) for me!

  2. if you're not going to enjoy that delicious crab cake I'm going to need you to send it to me!


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