Thursday, September 11, 2008


A few updates:

I went to Target yesterday to buy/steal my cereal. There were only two boxes left on the shelf, so I had to call a Target Team member and get them to trot to the back to fetch some more. When it was all scanned and done, I paid $5.47 and left the store with four boxes of cereal, one gift card for $5 and a huge smile on my face. It worked! I was nervous the coupons wouldn't work because all four of them said only one per customer or something like that, but the lady scanned them all without a peep. So all I had to pay was 47 cents in tax. Hells, yeah.

Then I headed next door to the Best Buy. Remember how they wouldn't give me my computer? Well I sure showed them: after they were done with it, I wouldn't come pick it up. Haha. For the past few weeks or more, Best Buy has called me about every third day asking me to come pick up my machine. Yesterday I finally acquiesced and went to the store to talk to them about what my options were. To make a boring story short, they applied my diagnostic fee (since they couldn't fix it) toward the fee for sending it off to Geek Squad HQ (Geekville). But I paid for data backup, because even though the Geek told me only one in ten machines prove irrecoverable, I knew if I didn't pay to back it up, mine would inevitably be the one of ten. And four years of pictures and seven years of songs are worth $103.56 to me, so swipe went the debit card and off went my computer.

Gosh, I'm such a sellout. First the coupon thing and now this: I'm thinking of having something reupholstered. I know. Really, whose blog is this? I'm the unmarried non-parent blogger that's supposed to stay away from these topics but oh well. My mom offered to let me have my grandmother's old hideabed sofa and at first I balked. No way. It's ugly. But then I channeled my inner Bonds and remembered the power of reulphostering. So today I requested an estimate for the job, and if it's not too ridiculous, I just might go through with it.

And lastly, the most important update of all, last night I dreamed that I found my long-lost FRIENDS DVD, Season 10, Disc 3. The one with the most important episode of all on it. I dreamed it was in the back of a South Park DVD, which is really odd because I don't watch South Park let alone own a South Park DVD. But maybe it means I am getting closer to finding it whomever I loaned it to is getting closer to finding it.


  1. Reupholstering stuff is ok. But the greatest thing ever invented is spray paint.

  2. but you can't spray paint a sofa!

    a custom slipcover might be a good option too, and is a tad cheaper. I can give you a name in B-ham if you want it. honestly, buying that much fabric will be your biggest expense. let's talk soon ...


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