Thursday, September 04, 2008


I haven't even realized it, but this summer has been all about change. Learning something new, working somewhere new, now moving somewhere new, etc. I have been made stronger in the process, purged myself of a lot of negativity (strictly job-related!), and as the country song goes, "[found] out who my friends are."

Hanging clothes are my least favorite item to move. So difficult. As I was moving out, I realized I have too many clothes. I hung what is out of season and what I know I won't wear during my homeless days in an extra closet at C's house. Two nights ago we found that all my stupid hanging clothes had ripped the shelving off the wall, just like Eric's, except the whole shelf - not just the bar - was ripped from the wall. Screws and all. I was so embarrassed. Sorry C.

I think I have found a place to move. How about that! Just a week after I had to be out. Don't get me started on how much money just a little flexibility would've saved me because that's not the point. The point is: my Potential Apartment Dwelling (PAD [get it?]) is close to work, I feel safe there, it's in great condition and the final confirmation came last night at MB's when I found out that my landlord-to-be? MB's aunt. I'm pretty sure I owe every good thing that's happened to me in Nashville to MB's family.

The new PAD is small. I threw a lot of stuff away when I moved out, and I plan on throwing a lot more stuff away when I move in - namely, anything purple, lime or pink (except the slippers), and most of those clothes that were weighing me and the closet shelf down.

In the same sense, I've realized my new world is small. Starting with the job change I have come to see who I can depend on and furthermore, who I want to depend on, who I want to pour my time into and who I'd like to pour their time into me (aka: I have hooked up with a lovely mentor). I really like my small world.

Simplify, purge, rebuild. That's where I am.


  1. Wisdom from a recent purger...don't just throw it away. go here:
    and itemize your deductions for a nice tax break. We just cleaned out Matt's closet...$901 worth of outgrown clothes, shoes, belts and whatnot. Nice.

    can't wait for your visit!!

  2. Agreed. will also let you schedule a Salvation Army truck to come to your place and pick up anything you want to donate. I use this service about once a month!

  3. When we moved, we took at least three truck loads to Goodwill. Definite tax break and feels good, too!

    Where's the new place? Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Let the record state that I have fixed my closet after about 6 months of it being broken.


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