Friday, September 05, 2008


One more Eventure post from Evan to get you through the weekend...

Stick a fork in me folks, cause I'm done!

I just wrapped up the fourth and final stop of my month and a half long tour with a mobile marketing campaign. I must admit, the Minnesota State Fair not only met my expectations, it exceeded them!

To give you an accurate report of my experience, I am going to split the Minnesota Eventures into two different posts.

Without further ado, I present to you Eventure 4a: FOOD of the Minnesota State Fair.

As predicted, you could find ANYTHING On-A-Stick!

1. Banquet On A Stick (Pronto Pup):
2. Belgian Waffle On A Stick:
3. Butterscottish On A Stick:
4. Cheesecake On A Stick:
5. Fried Fruit On A Stick:
6. Frozen Redbull On A Stick:
7. Hotdish On A Stick: If any one of you fellow southerners fall victim to any hecklers who make fun of us using "coke" as a catchall term for soft-drinks (or "pop" as other people would call it), here is some ammunition!

This is a recent conversation I had with a Minnesotan:

Minnesotan: You should try Hotdish On A Stick.
Me: What in the world is "Haddish"?
Minnesotan: You know, "Hotdish".
Me: No, I don't know "Haddish".
Minnesotan: Not "Haddish"... "Hot Dish".
Me: What is "Hot Dish"?
Minnesotan: Hmm. It's hard to explain.
Me: [very confused] What is in a hot dish?
Minnesotan: There's many types of hotdish with different things in it.
Me: [still confused] What do you mean "different things in it"? Like a casserole?
Minnesotan: NO. It's hotdish.
Me: Like a casserole?
Minnesotan: What's a casserole?

[conversation continues aimlessly as I try to convince her a casserole is the same as her so-called hotdish]

Me: [to another Minnesotan nearby] What's the difference between a hotdish and a casserole?
Other Minnesotan: There isn't a difference
Me: [laughter] A Casserole comes in a hotdish!
Fellow Colleague/Texan: Would you order a cardboard box from McDonald's if you wanted a Big Mac? I don't think so! [laughter]

So there it is... we call all soft drinks coke, and they call all casseroles "Hotdish!"
8. Key Lime Pie On A Stick:
9. Naked Pickle On A Stick:
10. Pizza On A Stick:
11. Puff Daddy On A Stick:
12. Reuben On A Stick:
13. Scotch Eggs and Meatball On A Stick:
14. Shrimp On A Stick:
15. Smores On A Stick:
16. Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner On A Stick:
17. Teriyaki Ostrich On A Stick (really?... no, really?):
18. Tots On A Stick:
19. Walleye On A Stick:
20. For all of you Obama fans out there:
And for all of you who like to eat your food on a plate:
Other dining options included:

Pig Lickers (chocolate covered bacon sprinkled with sea salt):

(Editor's note: that looks DELICIOUS. Do they sell those online? -LJ)
Shamrock's Leprechaun Legs (lightly battered, deep fried green beans):
Fried cheese curds:
Deep Fried Spam Curds:
Grilled Chocolate Sandwiches:
And there's nothing better to wash down the Grilled Chocolate Sandwich with than All You Can Drink MILK:

There you have it! I bet all of you are hungry now, right?

Coming Soon: Eventure 4b -- The PEOPLE of the Great Minnesota Get-Together.


  1. AMAZING! I'M SPEECHLESS! I'm kind of thinking about opening a sports bar and serving everything on a stick. Sports Bar silverware is disgusting.

    I did notice that no one has mastered putting any kind of Mexican food on stick.

  2. I just want to let it be known that the Pig Lickers were delicious! Yum Yum!

    Also, be prepared for the PEOPLE of the Great Minnesooootan Get-Together! Classic!


    -the charles

  3. this is completely incredible. and hysterical. well done!


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