Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Things I've Learned in the Past Week:

1. When moving, you will find things you aren't looking for (3" spiders) and will not find the things you are looking for (SOMEONE bring me back my Friends Finale! PLEASE!!);

2. Even if you get your tickets from a Ticketmaster counter, you still have to pay all the surcharges and fees that you do when ordering online, so you're not saving money or time driving to Kroger to buy them;

3. I have some amazing and gracious friends;

4. It is preferred but not required that we now add the letter s after the apostrophe when the plural possessive ends in -s (as in, Wes's or the Bonds's [how's that for a shout out?])

5. Labor Day is not a good day to do labor (or hire people to do labor for you);

6. Jimmy Fallon = Hilarity with a beard;

7. Across the Universe = Brahms's Lullaby (I was asleep in 20 minutes).

So as you can see, Thursday-Monday has been a roller coaster of activity and emotion.

I already mentioned Thursday's Gavin DeGraw was great, and Sunday's Jimmy Fallon show was a wonderful relief to the weekend and well-earned treat. I had never been to the comedy club here in Nashville, but it's a very small venue and they pack people in there like sardines. Luckily, I was in line early enough to get us great seats and we had enough room. Jimmy did a lot of musical comedy and about 25 impressions of various comics, my favorites being Robin Williams, Chris Rock and Gilbert Gottfried.

The rest of the weekend was filled with packing, moving, football and movie watching, and kind of in that order. Well, sort of movie watching. Does it count if I fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie?

And speaking of "watching" - I never found my Friends DVD that I know you are all sick of hearing about (trust me, I'm sick of telling you about it), so if anyone would like to just end this already and re-buy season 10 or the third disc for me, just let me know and I'll give you the mailing address of the homeless shelter here in town. Thanks!

(PS: If you don't believe that I am actually homeless right now, check back tomorrow for proof.)


  1. Where can you find individual discs for season sets? I am missing a disc from Season 7 and just recently learned that a disc from Season 9 is scratched to a useless state. If you can point me in the right direction, I may pay you back with your missing disc...no promises though...

  2. I used to put "s's" on possessive words that end in "s." Someone made fun of me and told me that I was wrong. It was an argument one day where it was me against 10 other people. I remember asking if it was okay in 8th grade and the teacher telling me that "s's" was the correct way. I guess I was right after all. I'm bringing "s's" back.

    'Member that time we saw Jimmy Fallon at Leno?


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