Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Look who stopped in to talk to you about something besides moving:

This post isn't nearly as meaty as the other posts, but much more buttery!

We only spent four days at the Illinois State Fair, which is why I don't have much material to work with. Nonetheless, I figured you guys would enjoy taking a look at the marvelous Illinois State Fair tradition: the Butter Cow Sculpture.

This year, the sculptor REALLY stepped it up by including skunks, birds, and worms into the display:

All Butter Cow lovers had the option of mailing snail-mail with a Butter Cow stamp:

This lactose-filled sculpture is located in the Dairy Building. In it, you'll find all kinds of milk related activities and products.

My friend and boss, Charles, found these signs to be quite entertaining:

Sorry for the short post! But don't fret... the Minnesota State Fair will be concluding in a few days and I'll have PLENTY to blog about soon.

Unfortunately, being in Minnesota means I missed this on Saturday. War Eagle anyway!

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  1. I think I liked your Aubie look better than your dairy girl look!
    Don't come back talking all nasally!
    Mrs. J


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