Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Editor's Note: I completely forgot about this post! Clearly, Evan is home and done with the state fairs. But I couldn't keep these beautiful pictures to myself. Enjoy!

Eventure 4b: People of the Minnesota State Fair

As you'd probably expect, the people at the Great Minnesota Get Together were just as interesting as the food.

For all of you who enjoy people watching, I give you permission to live vicariously through these photographs.

Reasons Why...

...Carnies are both FEARED and LOVED:
...Kool Aid should be used as a beverage and NOT a HAIR DYE:
...Black Wife-Beaters should not be paired with ponytails and colored rubber bands, especially on MEN:
...Designers should consider making bras for MEN:
...Designers should consider making bras for BACKS:
...Faux Plants should be used for home decor (e.g. wreaths, centerpieces, etc) instead of hair decor:

And now, a pictoral Ode to the Fanny Pack.

Fanny Packs are timeless.

"Traditional Fanny Pack"

Fanny Packs are highly functional:
"Fanny Pack GX3000"

Fanny Packs can be a unifying accessory:
"Fittles" Fanny Pack - Wear the Rainbow

Fanny Packs can be ART:
"Wall of Fanny"

Fanny Packs can be expensive (and ignored):
"15.00 Fanny Pack... that no one is looking at"

And finally, proof that...

... Male Gigalows ACTUALLY exist:
...Clogging STILL exists (for BOTH sexes and ALL ages):
...Charles and I can build a Coke bottle house:
...Rain can destroy Coke bottle houses:
... Marketing and Advertising professionals can spend days and months coming up with the perfect advertisement and STILL make basic grammatical errors:

And finally, the GRAND PRIZE photo of all the Eventures:

...State Fairs can bring romance and passion into ANY relationship:
For all I know... this woman could be unconscious. Doesn't appear to bother the lucky man in the picture.
There you have it folks!

It was an exciting month and a half. I appreciate all of your fun comments along the way. Thanks for stopping by Pearls of Wit to check out my Eventures on the road and at our nation's wonderful State Fairs. Who knows? Maybe these stories and pictures have inspired you to attend your own state's fair! DON'T BE SCARED! Take some cash and your camera and be prepared for a hilarious outing.


  1. I am loving how close you (Evan) got to all of these people with the camera... especially the boob-groping make-out session! The girl with the GX3000 looks like she caught a glimpse of the camera, or maybe she was THAT intense about the fair. These pictures really make me laugh so hard that I cried!

  2. wow. that is amazing. you know the georgia national fair starts this week in perry, ga if you feel like continuing your fair rounds....


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