Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So, as I mentioned, it was a big weekend for me. Moving and the long-awaited return of my favorite TV show (no, I didn't find the Friends DVD - SNL premiered, in case you hadn't heard). Recaps can be boring, but in this case, a recap is necessary.

Friday I got the keys to my new apartment! C and I filled our cars to the brim with my boxes and small furniture pieces from his storage and then unloaded them all at my new place. That was a good, strong start to the move. Saturday I went shopping and bought a handful of household items, from garbage bags to bed risers. More of the same on Sunday morning/afternoon. It's like a puzzle making everything fit. For instance, none of the drawers in the kitchen are wide enough to hold a standard utensil organizer. So I'm having to get creative. And take a lot of things back (trial and error). Plus, all the walls are cream colored, I'm not allowed to paint, and most of what I own is white (shower curtain, bed, etc) so decorating is going to be tricky.

But I digress.

So then came Sunday evening. C borrowed a truck from a friend and using our superhuman strength (and having removed the drawers), he and I loaded my mattress, box springs, dresser and desk into the truck and then carried them up two flights of stairs into my third-floor apartment. My dresser is actually a chest of drawers and is heavier than most, even with the drawers removed. I had one crumbling, this-is-too-heavy-I-don't-think-I-can-do-this! moment, but in my defense, I had not eaten dinner and I was feeling lightheaded. We got everything inside and in place in the exact same layout as my old bedroom - turns out, the bedroom in the new apartment is the exact same size as my bedroom in my old apartment! Everything fits with space to spare. The only difference is the wall color and the door.

So after we returned the truck, I made up my cloud (which feels even more like a cloud now because it's so high off the ground) and then had the best night's sleep I've had in a few weeks -- and not just because I slept until 8:30 and was still on time for work. And to kick off my week, I walked to work yesterday. So life is good. All that remains to do until I can close the book on this moving process is weed through and get rid of the clothes and boxes that are still in storage, and then I'll start decorating!

Now, for my thoughts on Saturday Night Live. I debated not saying anything about it, because by now the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler cold opening is old news. But I've been looking forward to the return of my favorite show for a long, long time so here goes: my favorite skit was not the opening. Yes, I said it. The opening was very funny, it was the most well-written skit by far, but I laughed a lot harder at Will Forte's dancing coach. I was almost crying from laughing so hard. I wish NBC would post it online, but until they do, here's part of it. And if you don't think I'm going to try to learn that dance, you're wrong. The Jar Glove commercial was funny and I liked Cathy on Weekend Update.

As for Michael Phelps, here's the best way I know to describe him: he's like an airplane. Sitting on the ground, it's just a heap of metal. But when it takes off in the air, fulfilling the purpose for which it was made, it's an amazing feat of nature. Simply mind blowing. But then it lands again and it's just more metal. Same with MP. Unless he's swimming, he's just another boring person. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Phelps didn't contribute anything to the show. Maybe I need to send him an e-mail similar to the one I sent Tim Tebow in January. Okay. I'm even boring myself with this topic now because it's such old news at this point. Thanks a lot for stealing my thunder, mainstream media. Perhaps I can be one of the first to share with you all this bit of info. Too bad so sad. We'll miss you Amy! But they are looking for a replacement.... hmm.


  1. I laughed harder at the dog in that video than the dance!

  2. did tebow host SNL?

    Tebow's a cheezler anyways.

  3. first,you are totally the fresh new face of SNL. I am considering driving to Nashvegas to help you make an audition tape.

    second, you have me in suspense waiting on the new digs photos....


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