Monday, September 29, 2008


Wow wow wow. Did anyone else have one of the best weekends ever, or was it just me?

Home/Auburn was amazing. It was hands down the best post-graduation roadtrip to Auburn. I got to see all of my out of town friends and then some! If you shared your spinach dip and chips, if you shared your cheese ball and spicy crackers, if you met me underneath the seats at halftime, if you ordered a ticket with mine so we could sit together, if you told me you read my blog but please not to call you out by name, if I ran into you on the street, in the stadium or anywhere in between - THANK YOU! You helped make my trip perfect. It felt so good to be back in Auburn and I loved seeing so many familiar faces.

Speaking of familiar faces - is it bad that I recognized exactly TWO faces in the Tigerwalk? Tuberville and the honorary guest? Nor did I get the memo (literally) to wear blue to this game. I guess I am old, or out of touch. Or both.

Tailgating with the Dudleys

Half of the Bondses

Hey, weren't you on the Office?

One of us is happy about that score...

Toomer's corner was a must

War Eagle, everyone!


  1. sad i didn't see you this weekend. Glad you had fun.

  2. What happened to the People of the Minnesota State Fair?


Oh goody!

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