Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"Robbing" CVS and Publix seem to be very popular in the blog world. Not one to ever gravitate towards having to do math, I have chosen convenience over cost so far.

But I couldn't help but notice that Kashi Go Lean, my cereal du jour, was on sale this week at Target: four boxes for $11 and then Target gives you a $5 gift card just for playing. So I did what I was told and printed off four coupons.

Now for the math. Ew. For my sake and yours, I'm going to work the problem out all the way through. Showing my work was always my favorite part of math anyway.

Cost Per Box = 4 /$11
Cost Per Box = $2.75
Without a gift card or coupons, that price alone is affordable compared to what one box normally costs.

BUT I have two coupons for $2 off and two coupons for $1. One coupon per box. Which now makes it:
Total Cost = $(2.75-2.00) + (2.75-2.00) + (2.75-1.00) + (2.75-1.00)
Total Cost = $0.75 + 0.75 + 1.75 + 1.75
Total Cost = $5.00
Again, pretty affordable. But remember Target is giving me a $5 gift card. So:
Total Cost = $(5.00-5)
Total Cost = $0
Which means, guess who is going to get four boxes of her favorite cereal FOR FREE?

Now I may be new to this whole coupon thing but I know FREE is pretty darn affordable, even if I have to carry 3 extra boxes around in my car.

I guess if you've been like me and have been wanting to try the coupon thing but don't think you'll be patient/clever enough for it, wait for a product you use every day to go on sale and give it a try. I'm starting small.


  1. Way to go! I love finding "freebies", now even for things that I don't use all the time. I never realized the deals in stores corresponding with coupons so much until lately. Enjoy your cereal! Brandon laughs at our stockpile of cereal, toothpaste, and dishwashing soap because I got them all free. I may not need them all today, but I know I will use them sometime!

  2. yeah you lost me when you started with all those numbers ... but I think I need to join the fun!

  3. that's amazing. i want to do that. i have a new goal.

  4. yay numbers

  5. yesssss!!!! i LOVE finding deals. after i find a good one i walk around like i have just won the lottery...i am pathetic, i know. i look forward to many more cost saver tips on your blog!!

  6. How did I lose you with the numbers? That is some basic math, even for me, the girl who changed her major because it had too much math required.

    The cereal wasn't completely free. I had to pay 47 cents in tax.

    And Eric, I knew - I KNEW - you would eat this up. Can't wait to see how professional of a coupon clipper you become.


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