Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Just so that all of you know that I am not crying wolf about this homeless thing, here is proof:

Here is my "closet" (it's not very big but gets the job done):
Every night I pick out the clothes I want to wear the next day - from my closet and the pink bag on the left - and then the next morning, take my dirty clothes out and put them in my laundry bag - the monogrammed (duh) bag in the center. Also pictured here: my black bag of shoes (fuzzy pink slipper popping out to say hi) and the pretty white baskets I spray painted to go under my sink. They looked a lot better there than held hostage in the back of my car.

Furthermore, my bed, dresser, desk, table, and pretty much everything else I own are in storage right now. C was kind enough to let me store my things in his backyard storage shed, as opposed to me having to pay for a storage unit:

So, I give you: homeless. It sucks. Don't get me started. But, while I look, I am couch hopping and taking advantage of the hospitality extended to me by my most gracious and loyal Nashville friends.


  1. For the sake of not being "judged," I deleted my comment because I left a part out. It read (or should have read): "At least you do not have to store the amazing bedroom suit that you continue to mention wanting."

    Best wishes on home hunting.

  2. hi slipper

  3. Wish I had a couch you could crash on, but your "Nashville mom" is also homeless!


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