Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have been pampering my iPod lately!

First, I bought a dock off of eBay because I was tired of leaving my iPod sitting on my CPU under my desk at work, and only realizing it once I got to the gym. If I want to listen to music at my desk now, I have to have my iPod: I wiped all the music off the computer here so my iTunes library is otherwise empty. So, now I have this dock set up and not only does it look great, but I love having the iPod at eye level so when I do a quick scan of my desk every day as I’m packing up to leave, I easily notice if I am about to leave it behind. The dock plus shipping cost me less than $6.

I also ordered a small (8 cm) cord for connecting my iPod to my laptop at home. That hasn’t arrived yet but it cost me $2.

Also, I blogged about this smart little case a while back. When I use the dock, I can’t have the protective gel cover on my iPod (it won’t fit). Plus you all know my constant struggle with keeping the headphones neat and untangled so I figured a case for it that protects it and fixes that headphone problem was just the ticket. Cause if you think I'm going to deal with that gel case twice a day, you're wrong.

And lastly, the last bit of pampering was the most recent album I added to the iPod: Six Strings and a Drum Machine by Britten Newbill. Evan introduced me to this artist (literally) and his stuff is so good! It doesn’t hurt that he’s a Tennessee native either.

So. That’s all the love for my iPod lately. Now if you need me, I’ll be getting a pedicure with my Macbook.

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  1. Mr. Newbill is legitimately talented. My favorite? "Stick to Your Guns"!


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