Monday, March 21, 2011


Aren't these little bunnies cute? This is what was waiting on me when I flipped to the new week in my calendar.

Speaking of cute art, I saw this over the weekend while I was in World Market. It spoke to me. When I have a house to decorate one day, and not this tiny apartment with walls I can't even paint, I am going to only get art that speaks to me. And hopefully I'll also have a husband who is a pro at hanging things perfectly because I stink at it.

Anyway, I immediately thought this was the perfect art for my blank bedroom wall. And this piece actually said a few things to me. Obviously it said "buy me!" and then unfortunately, it replied with a price that was too high.

I bet for what this mass-produced piece costs, I could find someone to make me a real live painting. Actually, I may could do it myself. First up: find a 30x40" canvas and a ton of free time.

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