Monday, March 07, 2011


Last night I checked off another item on the 30 by 30* list… I hosted a wine/cheese party. It was a small, intimate soiree: just me, Evan and Kate, and we had a blast!

I purchased a groupon type deal for cheese at a formaggeria here in Nashville. A formaggeria is a fancy word for a cheese shop. You would think I would have my own parking spot at a place like that, but turns out I had never been there. So I enjoyed my time drooling over looking at all of the cheese and picking out what I wanted. Since Evan and Kate had both told me they didn’t like smelly cheese (it’s okay, I forgive them) I knew to stay away from the bleu, gorgonzola, etc. I ended up taking home some gruyere, gouda and a garlic-rosemary encrusted goat cheese that had only been made a week ago!

I also picked up some salami, crackers, grapes and dried apricots to round out the spread. I found the cute cheese knives from Bed Bath and Beyond.



I KNOW, right? We had so much stuff that I had to use a different platter. Add a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and we were one gondola ride away from a night in Italy.

The Prima Donna gouda ended up being the favorite cheese of the night!

*In case you’re wondering where/what this 30 by 30 thing is, I realized in December I had 30 months until I turn 30. So I’m trying to do 30 new things before then: some big, some small. I am making the list up as I go.


  1. love the thirty by thirty list idea. can't wait to see what all you accomplish!

  2. i was wondering where your list was! ha!


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