Monday, March 14, 2011


A few other fun items of note from this weekend, in order of appearance:

1. I found my forever, #1, go-to nail polish of choice. Ballet Slippers by Essie. I have always been an OPI fan, but switched it up this weekend and LOVE it.

2. Mom took me to her new favorite restaurant Friday night (yes, I ate somewhere other than Taziki’s [don’t worry, I got it for lunch the next day]). We got there a little earlier than our reservation time and took a seat at the bar. A little old man sat down beside us. Having had a traumatic experience from accidentally getting too friendly with a little old man, I was VERY cautious to get chatty, even though Mom wouldn’t leave him alone (surprise, surprise). He was nice though, so I played along. We determined he lived in my mom’s neighborhood, was a widower (“My wife Helga died in 2000”) and had four daughters, four granddaughters and one new grandson that his daughter, Sandra, had just adopted. At the same time my mom mentioned she was a teacher, he mentioned we might know his daughter. Mom asked if the baby was Asian or from around here – she has a lot of adopted Asian children at her school. He said the baby is from the US and he is black. My immediate thought*: “oh, that’s in style now because Sandra Bullock did it.”


Me: “And what’d you say your daughter’s name is again?” Him, with a smile: “Sandra.” LIGHTBULB. And he could tell it went off. I had to loop Mom in, and then we told him we were huge fans of his daughter and her work. My sister tells me often that I favor SB, which I mentioned to him, and he said I did, but I really looked more like his daughter Gesine (he's right). Then we talked about where the name Gesine (pronounced ga-ZIN-a) came from, his other favorite restaurants in town, how he ended up in Birmingham, and lots of other fun things. We invited him to sit with us at dinner when our table was ready, but it was a two-top so he declined. Anyway: 1, what a super nice guy and 2, I’m not afraid of little old men anymore!

3. Mom and I treated Kathryn to some birthday yogurt after dinner. The yogurt was delicious but the real treat came from Kathryn, who brought along her junior high diary, which she unearthed recently at her mom's house while cleaning out her old bedroom. I was crying from laughing so hard. We both were.

4. The REAL reason I was originally planning to go home this weekend was to attend my sweet friend’s wedding. Carlee and I have been pals since first grade. Her dad is the one who gave me my big break and put me in a Milo’s commercial (yes, file that under Did You Know?: I was in a Milo’s commercial in junior high - I’ve put in a request for the digital version of that to share with you all; I even had a speaking line!). I literally had a hand in her wedding: she made my day and asked me to design the invitation and a few other pieces for her. So it was fun to finally see the big day come and see how creatively she’d used my little old handwriting in different places throughout the reception. She was a beautiful bride, and it was a treat to be there for her big day. I also got to visit with my friend Katie and catch up with her and her husband.

5. Last but not least, about three people outed themselves (and others) to me as long-time readers this weekend. How flattering! But now you all have to comment or I'll start naming names...

*Not knocking on anyone's adoption decisions whatsoever, just being honest with that was the first thought that popped in my head.


  1. What is your mom's new favorite restaurant??

  2. You should definitely send your handwriting to and have her make it into a font. If it isn't already that is...

  3. Your blog is one of my very favorites... You always make me laugh out loud. Thank you for putting your life out there so that random strangers like me can find enjoyment at the end of the day amongst all the other blogs that are basically the same craft project or toddler milestone :)

  4. I was already jealous about you got to meet Sandra's Dad?? How cool! Our Moms are so similar it's scary. Mom knows everyone and if she doesn't, she will make some sort of connection. She gets obsessed with things and won't stop talking about them. Right now she talks non stop about a civil war book she is reading. My brother and I told her that we would scalp her (trying to stay in character with the book) if she mentioned General Custer one more time!!! We love her though!

  5. ok, how did you not tell me about sandra bullock? it was so fun to catch up!

  6. My dad met Sandra's dad at the Barber shop a few years ago. He mentioned it casually months later??!! But he said something about him living here part of the year and somewhere else another part? How cool. Makes me want to know what he looks like and be on the lookout around town!
    And, what restaurant was it?

  7. Chuck's Fish, on 280 near Lee Branch. She is obsessed with their white chocolate bread pudding.

  8. Those invites are amazing!

  9. Linds,
    Loved seeing the finished invites! They are too cute... almost as cute as the Sunday School handout you helped me with :)


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