Thursday, March 17, 2011

DRESSED II (part 2)

And now, the long-awaited answers to the Second Annual Is it a Dress or Is It a Nightgown challenge!

The answer: they were all nightgowns. Boom. Here's proof if you need it.

Maybe that was a little tricky, but I am comforted in the fact that so many of you would agree that at least half of those would be perfectly acceptable worn as a dress. Everyone go buy one and let's flip the switch on the clothing industry!

Thanks for playing.


  1. No!!!!! I want to meet the person who sleeps in those.

  2. I find it particularly ridiculous that all of those "nightgowns" cost more than I would even want to spend on a little sundress!! I want to meet the person that is in their target audience for these things...

  3. ok. SHOCKED! But seriously? One of them has a huge bow on the front. What kind of nightgown has a big bow?

  4. I would wear 90% of those in public!


Oh goody!

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