Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I heard that In the Heights would be playing at TPAC, I begged my sister to come and see it with me since it's one of her very favorites. At that time, she was still living in DC. But then they found out they would be arriving in Birmingham the week before the tour came to Nashville, so as soon as we got that news, Jennie, Mom and I bought three tickets and looked forward to a quick girls night in Nashville.

We had dinner at Germantown Cafe before flitting off to TPAC for the show. Mom and Jen have both seen the show and said it was great. Several of you have mentioned that it's also one of your favorites and you all have great taste! Everyone was right! It was one of my favorite shows I've ever seen with all the best things about musicals: great songs, great dancing and of course a great story.

Afterward, we came home for some of those yummy cupcakes you saw on Friday. We had a quick breakfast in the morning before they headed home in the rain and I headed off to work.

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    Yes! I liked it a lot too. It was really fun, and the music is awesome.


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