Thursday, March 10, 2011


I know y'all are sick of hearing about this computer. Any day now my mom will be telling me to talk about something else.


I have discovered my favorite feature - iChatting/Face Time!

Last night, I got to visit with Evan, who just got an iPhone. He travels so much that this will be a GREAT tool for keeping in touch.

Then, I iChatted quickly with Wes. I was hoping he'd have Elliot in his lap but she was asleep. Oh well. Good to see you Wesley.

THEN, the grand finale was iChatting with my sister and brother-in-law. I saw all their packed boxes and got to to hear about their going away dinner in DC.

My only question: why did I wait so long to buy this thing?

And just for good, non-computer measure, will someone please buy these for me, or at least make it get warmer outside? I think this is the perfect summer sandal, no?

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