Friday, October 10, 2008


An e-mail from my mom: "How was the play? Are you going to blog about it? I think your readers need a break from the wreck seeing how the stock market crashed today and we all have problems... I want the details, of course, but I'm not sure they do."

So forgive me if I have been boring you to death with details of my wreck or my move or my computer or my new job or all this boring adult stuff that keeps happening to me! Trust me, I wish it weren't happening to me either (new job withstanding). But seriously. How neglectful of me to be blogging about such mundane subjects, especially when I could tell you story after non-boring story about my silly mother, like what she accidentally put on her toothbrush instead of toothpaste? How's that sound? But she'd kill me if I told you. So I better not mention it. No no no. Guess we'll have to stick to boring until something better comes along.

1. The play was great. A little creepy but good. They used this sirenesque noise each time Sweeney slayed someone and gosh if it didn't get annoying. You could see even the actors hated that noise. It was easily the worst noise in the world. I've already added the recent film adaptation to my Netflix queue; I can't wait to see Johnny Depp knock it out of the park. He's good at playing creepy people. And at playing Capt. Jack Sparrow, since Disney's ordered a fourth Pirates movie. But I digress. I really like going to plays and musicals. Good think we've got tickets/plans to keep it up.

2. Did you watch NBC last night: The Office? SNL Thursday Night Update? Kath and Kim? I missed them all but have very firm plans to watch them online during my event tonight. I hope all three live up to the hype!

3. Superbad is sitting at my house right now. Thank you, Netflix. I'm a year behind but I'm finally getting around to seeing this movie. I fear the same thing that happened when I watched Old School is going to happen when I watch Superbad - I won't think it's funny. At all. I watched Old School like a year and a half almost after it was in theaters and by then it was so played out. I'd heard all the funny parts quoted into oblivion, had even seen some of them acted out (thanks War Eagle Welcome) and was just over it. I'll let you know what I think about Superbad.

4. I am playing a little prank here at work, complements of my sister. My coworker is pretty mischievous so I picked him to prank. I left a note on his desk that said Call Mr. Lyon - 833-xxxx. What he doesn't know is that phone number is the number of the Nashville Zoo. So he's going to call the zoo and ask to speak to Mr. Lyon (lion)! Hahahaha. I am BESIDE myself waiting for him to get back from lunch.

5. Jamie Lynn Spears is reportedly pregnant... again! Discuss!


  1. I'm very amused by your prank - laugh out loud amused...

  2. that IS amusing!

    Superbad, not so amusing. try to keep an open mind, though!

  3. we played that joke on jonathan and on wade at the ole was spectacular wade had a note to call a Mr. Harry Lyon (a guy who wanted to join Outback) and Jonathan's was Mrs. Ellie Font (a concerned mom who's son wanted to go to the ranch) was hysterical, though jonathan wasnt real happy with us for a few days.

    cant wait to find out how it goes!!!!

  4. Was your adaptation of Sweeney Todd the one where the actors play instruments? I saw that one and really enjoyed it. Yes, that noise is pretty painful. I


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