Friday, March 11, 2011


Last Friday night, I met my friend MB for margaritas. We had a blast catching up, laughing, eating our weight in chips and salsa (okay, I had a blast doing that) and as we were paying, decided to turn it into a slumber party.

With her husband out of town, she had the house to herself. So me, MB and her massive but adorable dog Ike had a sleepover. Woohoo! How much fun! While I was there, I helped her buy the domain for and set up her new blog: The Getaway Gal.

You see, in addition to heavy negotiating and Italian cooking, vacation planning is another one of her skills. Case in point: she leaves today on a seven-night tour of Italy that she researched and planned herself. Jealous yet? Wait til you read what she paid for it.

You're going to want to bookmark her blog ASAP. She's about to be the Rachael Ray of vacation planning, I just know it. She's spent time in India, Portugal, Costa Rica, Peru, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, China, France, Ecuador, Greece, Turkey and Tanzania, just to name a few spots. And over time, she'll tell us how we can too!
If anyone wants to book the same exact trip to Italy, let me know!


  1. Thanks, Linds! Thanks for your help with the blog. There's still lots to do on the blog, but I can get to that when I return. I just uploaded my fave travel resources. You might just find your next dream vacation by clicking on the links.

  2. So exciting! 1500 for a trip to Italy! She has my attention!

    Bradford wants to start a travel and cooking blog....will share if he ever get around to it :)

  3. Anna - let's go! Did you see what all that $1500 includes? Travel, nice hotels, breakfast each morning... hello!


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