Thursday, March 03, 2011


So the big purchase is………a diamond bracelet!

Just kidding.

A new 13” Macbook Pro. Yes, I am finally getting a home computer. I haven’t had one since 2008. All the files on my work computer such as pictures and music can have a permanent home, and I can move the files stuck on the broken computer onto this one as well.

But the really rewarding part is that I have SAVED MY @$$ OFF to buy this thing… and the warranty, and Microsoft Word, and a few other bells/whistles/accessories. True, I am getting huge help in the form of a bonus check for a great 2010, but the point is that I’m not financing it. Which I feel like is a nice little accomplishment on my salary and in this day and age. I kind of want to walk into the store with a stack of $1s to prove my point.

I am a little nervous but pretty pumped. 21st century, here I come!


  1. 1. Awesome about the MacBook Pro. 2. Awesome that you paid cash for it - totally the way to go. 3. Awesome that as soon as you get it and install video chat we can be bff. woooooooooohoooooooooo! ;)

  2. yayyy!!! you will love it!


Oh goody!

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