Monday, October 27, 2008


So, I'm going to try to start cooking more. The three of you that have been reading this blog since it's earliest (and ugliest) days remember that I tried my hand at cooking and baking when I lived at home, and then again my first summer in Tennessee. Since then, I've cooked random dishes, mostly poppyseed chicken, the occasional dessert, and what I like to call heaven on a plate.

But I'm ready to get good at cooking.

For instance, I scrambled eggs on Thursday night for dinner. I know; a monkey could scramble eggs. But I have to start small.

Tonight, I'm making some homemade creamy tomato soup, followed by a big delicious crock pot of chili later this week. I have to practice a lot before November, when I am slated to contribute to two different Thanksgiving meals and don't want pull a Rachel.

So all you chefs out there need to recommend your favorite recipes. Preferably chicken. With no mushrooms. That reheats really well. And while you're recommending that, let me recommend this: Run, Fat Boy, Run. I watched the rest of it yesterday and it is soooo good, y'all!


  1. did you know that your recipe for poppyseed chicken is on a regular rotation for Bradford dinners? We love it!

  2. I recently picked up the Everyday Food cookbook by the Martha Stewart people and love it! It's supposed to be the weeknight version of that "style" of food, and has ingredients that are available everywhere (no specialty stores) AND has fewer than 10 ingredients per recipe. If you don't want to commit to the book you could pick up one of the little publications at the check-out at the grocery store.

  3. if you would like to contribute a pot of chili to the times free press chili cook-off in my stead i would be quite grateful.

  4. Easy, yummy comfort food:

    Easy, affordable and both reheat really well:

    This is my favorite make-for-a-boy dinner:

    Good for lunch:

  5. I have about 10 easy chicken meals that take about 30-45 minutes, with cheap healthy ingrediants. When I call to chat about last night, I'll share my recipes


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