Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Things are looking up!

*My office got to hear my Sarah Palin impersonation yesterday. If you've ever heard my northwestern accent voice (Minnesota) it's not too dissimilar from that. I am a hoot.

*It's finally Ugg time!

*I am going to see Sweeney Todd tomorrow night. I love a good trip to the theatuh. You have to say it like Clairee from Steel Magnolias. Not theater, theatuh.

*It's Wednesday which means the debate here in Nashville is over which means the world can start turning again.

*I managed to go a week without having a wreck or having to move. Progress, people!

*I got the accident report from last week. Just to change things up a bit, for once let me offer a pearl of wisdom to you readers: if you're ever involved in an accident, even if the person that hits you leaves the scene in a neck brace on a stretcher in an ambulance, GET HER INSURANCE INFORMATION ON THE SCENE. The officer that arrives on the scene will have to see it anyway to verify that the driver is insured, so while the officer has the information - as long as you are safe and sound and not on a stretcher yourself, God forbid - you ask the officer to copy it down on the accident report for you and then watch him do it, or borrow his pen and some paper and copy it down yourself. All the officer does with each party's proof of insurance is make sure it's valid, and issue a ticket if it's not. Meaning, a week later, your insurance company has no way of contacting her insurance company (or vice versa) because it's not on the paperwork and you didn't copy it down. Which then means, after you finally get the accident report with her phone number on it, your insurance agent has to place what I can only assume is an awkward call to that other driver to get the name of her insurance provider so he knows who to call to get this process moving. And even then, once you have the paperwork, once he calls her, you can only hope that she will answer those phone calls, give him accurate information, wasn't showing false proof of insurance to the officer, etc. etc. etc.

*Did I mention it's Ugg time?

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  1. please make a video of your sarah palin and put it on here so i can see.


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