Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've noticed that when the weather changes, so do my obsessions. Here are two beauties I've had my eye on since this recent cold snap:

Actually, I had my eye on this. For all of about twenty minutes. And then I bought it. I couldn't stand it; It was too cute and practically a steal. So I texted my mother I bought her something to give me for Christmas. She can wrap it up and I'll fake surprise just like she does every year when we give her gifts we asked her to pick out.

Which means I really don't need this coat, too. But if it goes on sale at Target, I cannot be held responsible for my actions (Jennifer - I know you're drooling now too):


  1. yeah. I'm going to need a link to that one. because I could really use another jacket.

  2. too much neck action.

    boy, if i had a dollor for every time i heard that!

  3. Better watch out! Linda might wear it before you might get it Christmas. HA HA HA!

  4. Where did you get the red coat? I can't believe there wasn't a link!

  5. Jennifer, you could really use a reality check. You have more jackets than the Russian army would ever need.

  6. Sweet Moses I want a peacoat. You you can't wear one when it's 98 effing degrees at lunchtime.


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