Thursday, October 30, 2008


How awesome does that look? It's not mine. I don't even have a fireplace. I just found it online. Saturday is November which means you can light a fire just for the principle of it, regardless of how cold it is outside. Side note: I wonder how much more productive my life would be if not for fireplaces and bathtubs?

Speaking of fires, I'm going to a bonfire tonight. I'm in charge of bringing the graham crackers. I just love smores.

AND still speaking of fires, we had a fire drill this morning. We had to walk as far away as the building is tall. For our four story building, that was across the street.

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  1. the second i read the word smores, bebe kicked me. i think we're gonna have a sugar-holic (she takes after her mother). have so much fun at your bonfire!! :)


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