Thursday, October 02, 2008


I had such a great night planned for last night. I had no one to host, nowhere to go, no events to work, just a night to relax and try some stuff done. I left work just after 5, was going to run errands, get some decorating done in my apartment, possibly move some more boxes/clothes, take a long bath and get in bed early.

But fate had other plans:It happened so fast that people had to tell me afterward what even occurred. I was just traveling in my lane, and this lady was trying to pull out in front of two lanes of traffic to make a left turn. The car in the inside lane waved her on, without seeing me in his/her blind spot I guess, and we hit so hard that it spun her 180ยบ and I landed in the inside turn lane. The officer told me that it was her "fault" since I had the right of way.
You can see from the giant arrow in my painting that the car that waved her out into traffic left the scene. Scumbag. There were several nice witnesses that remained to make sure we were all okay and to call the police, etc.

I am sore as hell today from the airbag and seatbelt. Both airbags inflated and the driver's side one hit my forearms and right shoulder upon impact. My nose hurts a little bit today but the airbag missed my face for the most part. The driver of the other car was taken to the hospital to get her neck checked out just to be safe. She had two kids in the car, both of which are okay.

So thankfully, no one was injured beyond whiplash and bruises. And you know how I've been meaning to get a new car? Well looks like that's gonna happen sooner than later. I just hope they offer me more than $100 for that piece of junk. And at least I wasn't living in my car anymore. Then I'd be carless AND homeless. And thankfully I had C to call to come get me, help me collect what few things were in my car and take me home (after cooking me a delicious comfort food dinner). And thankfully my insurance agent is a friend whom I called from the scene and asked what to do. And thankfully I live close to work so I can do without a car for a few days if I have to, until the insurance claim kicks in for a rental. Can you tell I am looking for silver linings to this cloud?

Just when I'd hoped things would be getting back to normal. Oh well. Like C said, at least that "check engine" light will finally get fixed.

And in case anyone's keeping track, that's one wreck, two moves, a new job, and a broken computer, all since July.


  1. WHAAAAT!?! Call me if you need anything! I mean it :)

  2. LJ...I am so sorry you got in a wreck! Glad you are ok! Katelyn

  3. oh my gosh! i am so glad you werent hurt!!!

  4. Thank the Lord you are okay. I'm sorry that happened, but glad you're getting new wheels!

  5. Baby girl... I wish it was me instead of you.

  6. Wow. Life has been CRAZY for you lately. I hope your shoulder starts feeling better.


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