Thursday, October 23, 2008


Time to lighten the mood around here, do you agree?

It's always very entertaining to me seeing how people arrive here via Google searches. I recently browsed the key words which served to bring people to our little world. Here is the summary since the last time I did this in March:

1. Folks are still wondering en mass about the mystery that is Facebook Unfriending. What happens after? How can you tell? That is by far the number one arrival path (and speaking of which, I unfriended someone yesterday, just like I threatened to do if I got one more invitation to a concert in Atlanta).
2. They also want to know What Happened to Planters Cheese Balls and Did Planters Discontinue Cheese Balls? We should start a support group.
3. They are very interested in croakies, included monogrammed or seersucker croakies, as well as anything seersucker.
4. Some people have come looking for information about some of my favorite Nashville restaurants that I have written about in the past.
5. People are looking for information about Carrie Underwood, her handwriting, her autograph, etc.
6. Some people were looking for the meaning of Auburn's Bodda Getta cheer;
7. Some people needed first half marathon funny inspirational signs;
8. A few people needed cheer camp decor ideas as well as cheer camp prank ideas;
9. A lot of folks need to know how to spot a fake chi hair straightener. Meanwhile, I didn't know there was such a thing.

And then there's always the people that stumble on here by accident, looking for help that I cannot offer on the following searches (this is verbatim what they entered into Google that brought them here, except for my remarks in parentheses [translation: don't blame me]):
•Speed in my drink
•Thick Lenses Glasses Sexy
•Pictures of sexy mature women in very tight shorts (Seriously???)
Because I have a beautiful car, men think I am high maintenance
•Blowing nose, bust your eardrum (See, I am not the only one!)
•Can you do a crash course learning tap ballet and jazz? (No you cannot)
•Do dead hermit crabs shrivel up? (Actually three different people wanted to know that and yes, they do)
•Hazelnut coffeemate shortage
•I have a blackberry pearl and it just froze on me. I can't send or recieve calls. It's completely frozen what the hell am i suppossed to do? (I'd start with learning to spell correctly.)
•Jason's deli safe during pregnancy (Why wouldn't it be?)
•Linsi Lohan pictures
•Mesmerized by Kanye West (Me too)
•My mom is indecent (Me too)
•Naturally Hairy Indian Woman (I don't even know what to say.)
•Non creepy Father of the Bride songs

And then there were some that I am just too polite to post. I don't want to risk them coming back here.

What do you think? Do any of those make you giggle?


  1. I have been absent from commenting for a while, but YES, all of them make me giggle, I am giggling at my desk as I type :)

  2. uhoh, lilley is back. I kinda want to know what some of the other ones were.

  3. i know you've missed my presence, wes.


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