Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What a horrible day. I am going home and going straight to bed after work. Short of someone dying, this has been the worst day I can remember, including the day that started half this mess.

First - the computer. I got an e-mail yesterday saying some shizz about my computer being in good hands with the Geek Squad. Lies, lies, pure lies, I tell you. This friendly e-mail reminder prompted me to go online, where I discovered that once again, my computer was sitting ready to be repaired but the Geeks couldn't get in touch with me because THEY STILL HAD THE WRONG DAMN NUMBER. Really, Geek Squad? You know, for a group of "smart" people, collectively you are dumber than a pile of bricks. Three times I gave three correct phone numbers to one of your "agents" and to what avail? Only so you can continue calling some tax preparation company in Franklin to let them know my computer is ready? Really? Unless they are paying for it, HOW DOES THAT HELP ME, Geeks?

So after letting the customer service rep for Geek Squad have an earful, and then waiting for the Nashville store Geek Squad senior agent to clock in, take my holding phone call and giving him an earful as well (I really should be ashamed of how I talked to that guy but I'm not), I can report that I am getting a $50 Best Buy gift card in the mail soon. What I cannot report, however, is that my computer is repairable. Because a $50 gift card is not even a dent in the $1,800 bill that they are reporting it would cost to fix my computer. Right. Not happening. So after he put through the order to have it packed up and sent back to the store for me to pick up, in my snottiest voice I asked him if they were planning to call me or the tax repair service to notify someone that the computer was ready for pick up,

So, the computer is officially dead. Dunzo. We'll bury the computer and this thread of discussion in the junkyard along side the car.

Speaking of the car, I am having some "brick walls" regarding the vehicle and insurance (quotes because "brick walls" is putting it mildly). I have to get the title in my name in order to receive a check made out to me for the value of my car. I physically possess the title, but it's in my father's name, not mine. So while I can sign this title saying that I "bought" it from him, I can't "sell" it to my insurance company until it's in my name and I have a document proving that. So I need a new title, with my name in big block letters as the owner of the car, so that my insurance company can mail me, not him, the check.

Here are my options for getting that done:

A. I was going to try to have someone in Montgomery do it as a proxy because that seems like the kind of thing you have to be present for. So I was going to sign a power of attorney letter and overnight that with the title to a trustworthy contact in Montgomery and have them deliver it to the state's department of motor vehicles and get a title in my name. After repeated calls to Montgomery, I found out that since I now reside in Tennessee, I can't get an Alabama title. Plain and simple. Plan A is out.

B. My next best option in-state (note: I'm trying to do it in state because I know far more people there who could help expedite the process): overnight the title to Mom, my favorite Alabamian of them all, and have her sign it indicating she bought the car from my father. Then, she would take the title to her county DMV, get a new title in the works in her name, pass me the paperwork, receive the check from the insurance company, pass it on to me, problem solved.

C. I can do it myself in Tennessee, which requires so, so, so, so much more work. Try to follow this: my county in Tennessee requires emissions testing for registered cars. So even though this car will no longer emit anything because it will never be driven again, in order to get the title in my name through this state, I have to go to the some health office with the title and a letter from my insurance company on their letterhead, stating the vehicle is totaled. Then I get an exemption letter, which I then have to take to the clerk’s office to get plates and registration and a title application. Yes, registration and plates for a car I will never see again. So then I would have to call another number and visit another place to get a refund and turn those back in. Then I have to ride a unicorn to the end of the rainbow and find the pot of gold, inside of which is hidden a golden key that unlocks the Door of Life. When I find the key, I climb the beanstalk to get to the Door of Life, unlock it, throw my key into the Pond of Truth and then a few weeks later my car title will come in the mail.

Last and least, there is Plan D which is much easier but costs me the most since it costs me my pride. We'll see how desperate I get and after today, I'm pretty sure Plan D is how this is going to go down.

Please leave me comments sweetly reminding me that there is so much more to life than any of these things, and all of this will pass, and I am so fortunate, and that you're having a baby girl (oops - just Katie on the last one).


  1. don't worry....i'll bake more strawberry cake next week!

  2. Umm remember you won a cookie cake just last week! And you have Smallville! And got to see Kanye in concert! And you have your dream job!

    Sorry for all the exclamation points, but it seemed like you needed them. I love you.

  3. You have to have an official "fishing license" to do anything in the Pond of Truth. You can either get that in Tennessee or Alabama, but if you apply for it in Tennessee, you have to prove that you know the full history of the Grand Ole Opry. After the Opry test, you must take your scores to Mary Martin Hall in Auburn for them to send them to the registrar in Truth. Then, believe it or not, you have to get a BOATING license in Truth to even do anything to the pond.

    When you do get your money, buy a new macbook.

  4. my sister actually thought that she found out what we are having from this blog post! AHHH! haha. i told her i would be SURE to call! :) i'll have some good news for you this afternoon!!!!!!

  5. As much as you don't want to do plan D, I think it's the easiest option long term. It's not going to kill you, so it's only going to make you stronger! Go for it!

  6. I only think I know what option D is, but I agree with Meghan. You can do it!!!! And you'll be better for it.


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