Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I did it. I finally committed to something for my apartment. Not art, but the next best thing:
I just got off the phone ordering these 3' shelves for my apartment. I have scoured stores all over Nashville and these are the only ones that would fit the bill. They are only 3" deep, so they won't stick out like bleachers on my wall (unlike some 8" beasts I brought home last week [which is what I was on my way to return when I got into the Wreck]).

They will be here next week. With the coupon I used, I don't feel like they were too pricey. Good quality, not scratched up, exact dimensions I was looking for. Cute photos of children not included.

In other non-apartment, non-wreck news, a certain someone snuck over and dropped off the remains of my cookie cake for me at work yesterday. What a treat. I shared it with the people in my department and in doing so, discovered a 30-year-old man that had never tried a cookie cake. WHAT???? I was stunned. I gave him a bite and told him this wasn't any cookie cake, it was a Great American Cookies cake, the Lexus of cookie cakes. He was pleased.

And speaking of cookie cakes, I'm going home for lunch to get a bite right now!

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  1. Your place is going to be done being decorated before mine! I better hang some stuff on the walls at my house ASAP!


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