Friday, October 17, 2008


1. So many of you were so concerned about the prank I played on my coworker, whom I call Joey. I ended up not leaving the note on his desk last Friday, but gave it to him Monday instead. Our extensions are just one digit off, so I told him Mr. Lyon probably just dialed me accidentally and to call him back. He looked confused but took the sticky note from me regardless. A few minutes later, I heard him dialing. I turned my speakers down and listened hard. "This is the number for the Nashville Zoo!" he exclaimed. I thought he'd get the joke and hang up, but he didn't. "May I speak to Mr. Lyon?" he asked. Pause. "There's not? Okay thanks." And then he got the joke. I thought it was hilarious that he realized he was calling the zoo but the joke didn't kick in and he still asked for Mr. Lyon.

2. Now for my next prank. Someone at work has been drinking my coffee creamer. Times are tough, people! Buy your own flavored coffee creamer and stop drinking mine! True story: a few weeks ago, I bought a new bottle of creamer and brought it to work on Monday. That Friday, I went to get some coffee and the bottle was HALF EMPTY (or half full), four days later. I guess thief had spilled it while they were stealing it. I was livid. I got a sharpie and wrote my name on it. Short of leaving one of these, that was all I could do, other than to start drinking my coffee at my house, which I started doing and really enjoy. So fast forward to yesterday, when I decided to have a second cup here at work and found my cream bottle EMPTY. Enough is enough. So I decided to let some milk in my refrigerator at home spoil instead of throwing it away. Then, when it's good and smelly, I'll bring it in and put it curdled lumpy rotten milk in the empty coffee creamer bottle and teach those thieves a lesson.

3. Have you started watching Kath & Kim yet? If your answer is no, you are missing out. Molly Shannon and Selma Blair are hilarious. The whole show is great. Turns out, a lot of peeps that worked on Friends now work on that show so of course I would like it. But it's really funny and you would like it too. NBC is awesome.

4. First cold snap of the season here in Nashville and I am loving it. Today I look like a walking Gap ad in my khakis, t-shirt, scarf and denim jacket.

5. Guess who is going to see Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts in concert tonight? For free? ME! Once again, MB delivers. Y'all have a good weekend - I'll be at the downtown "bobbing my head!"

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