Tuesday, April 14, 2009

STALKED (part 5)

Guess who called again this morning? "I'm having trouble reaching you... but I'll try back another time."

Which brings me to the conclusion of last week's contest. Here is the e-mail I have drafted to send SENT, which you'll notice is most closely based on Katie M's suggestion so she wins the prize (but hold that thought):

Hi "Tom",
While I have appreciated your friendship, I have to ask that you not contact me at the museum any further. Should you have questions about the museum or our programs, please call the guest information line at xxx-xxxx.
Thank you,

Now, Katie's prize: her very own free copy of the 80s classic "Somebody's Watching Me" as recently heard on the Geico commercials. You know the ones, where the money has googley eyes? Yes, she gets the awesome remix by Mysto and Pizzi. Just let me know to which e-mail address you would prefer it sent, Katie.

Stay tuned for his reply. I'm sure he won't disappear quietly into the night.


  1. Congrats Katie M. Not only can she help you make a mean résumè but also a great rejection letter.

  2. please forgive me lindsay for the incorrectly slanted accents.

  3. GIRL!? I sure hope & pray that the letter gives "Tom" a huge wake up call and quits the stalking. Geez!


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