Monday, April 06, 2009


Friday: Worked (very) late for a wedding reception.

Saturday: Worked in the morning, napped in the afternoon, dinner with C, his brother and sister in law. Held baby. Tried ribs. Loved the seasoning, didn't dig the meat. Enjoyed some delicious chicken instead. And grilled corn!

Sunday: Worked in the afternoon, went shopping, furthered hate/love relationship with Old Navy, hamburgers at C's followed by ACMs. Furthered hate/love relationship with Carrie Underwood.

Monday: got a new monitor at work. Thought I'd love it but do not. Giving me eye trouble and all the menu titles and icons are all weird. Working til 9.


  1. 1) seems v. odd to me that that particular couple would choose to have their wedding reception at your place of employ...

    3) you love Carrie and you know it. what are your thoughts on Taylor's pitchy/dramatic performance?

  2. change the pixels in the settings tab of your display properties until you like the look of your screen. Most people 1024x768. That should help the eyes.

  3. Ewww 9 pm?

    What do you mean you TRIED ribs?

  4. @Emily - hated it. And I do love Carrie... but I can't overlook the Loser thing. Not yet.

    @Eric - Tried. Yes. Hating messy fingers = not going to eat a lot of ribs.


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