Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Look what Evan gave me last night:

I'm not sure how he knew I had been talking about this at work lately, but I have. Some people think a chocolate-covered piece of bacon sounds disgusting. As you may remember, I imagine that it sounds delicious. And, whenever I feel like it, I get to eat one and find out. I think will open it tomorrow.

What's your vote - will it be amazing or disgusting?


  1. I vote amazing. It'll be a little salty, and a little sweet... best of both worlds.

    Ok I can't lie, it looks disgusting, but I am hoping it tastes good because on paper bacon and chocolate are perfect for each other! Like a porky chocolate covered pretzel...?

    Ps- appreciate the bump up. Now I am feeling the pressure to STAY up there!

  2. good. not amazing. worth trying, but not worth ever making.

  3. I'm truly excited to hear your review- I remember seeing on food network a while back that bacon was the new dessert craze. It's the salty sweet- think of the first person that combined chocolate and peanut butter... http://www.yumsugar.com/1813878

  4. Bacon - Amazing
    Chocolate - Amazing

    Chocolate coverd Bacon = Unbelievable!!

  5. Haha. Candace, guess what your comment reminded me of?

    "What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooooood."

  6. Oh - I've also had bacon baked with brown sugar and paprika - rock your world good....

  7. I love salty and sweet together so I'm thinking awesome!

  8. I mean, I love bacon and maple syrup, so choc has got to be good!!!!

  9. Eww, is what I have to say.

    "It's a traditional English trifle! First a layer of lady fingers, then a layer of jam, a layer of whipped cream, sauteed beef and onions, then another layer of lady fingers..."

    "This tastes like feet!"


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