Monday, April 13, 2009


Top Ten Things about this Weekend (in chronological order)

1. Being off on Friday - I slept til 10 am...ish, then took my time packing, running errands and getting ready to head to Birmingham after C got off work.
2. Taziki's - If you ever want to know if I came home for the weekend, go to Taziki's at about 7:30 on any given Friday because if I go home, that's my first stop. Even before my mom's house.
3. Family - Jen and Jamie (J²) flew in and got to the house around 10 pm. It's always fun to have everyone home again.
4. Manicure - compliments of sister. I found my new favorite color: OPI Kiss on the Chic. I finally found the perfect natural pink for me.
5. Coffee with Kathryn - it was so good to see her. I got to feel baby Katelyn - can't wait to meet her in July!
6. Wicked - Mom + 1, me + C and J² all trotted down to the BJCC on Saturday night to try our luck getting Wicked lottery tickets. We knew the odds of all six of us getting in were not great, but figured we'd try. Each name drawn can get up two tickets, so we decided if one name was drawn, J² would go since they are the only ones currently without tickets to see it at a date down the road. Mom's + 1 didn't want to see it at all, so he was just there to up our odds of a name getting drawn. Turns out you can't transfer tickets (for instance, if Mom won but wanted to give hers to J², the rules say you can't do that. We were going to try anyway though). So there were about 40 people with their names in the box and they were only giving away 20 tickets (so 10 names if everyone wanted 2 tickets). Imagine our surprise when the fourth name they called was my mom's. The fifth name? Mom's + 1. The sixth name? Jamie. The seventh name? C, but by the time they got to him we were all safely in line and didn't need more tickets, which I'm sure was a relief to the throng of people waiting anxiously/grumbling in frustration (one lady asked me "so is that all of you now?"). Mom's + 1, who has no interest whatsoever in theater, was talked into going and we all happily forked over $25 each to see the show. After a quick dinner downtown, we returned to the BJCC and took our seats in the first, second and third row. It was my fourth time to see the show. I'd rank that performance second-best, after the first time I saw it in L.A. The cast was magnificent - both of the witches were amazing. It was a great night. I even made $5 because I bet +1 that he would love it. Which he did.
7. Easter morning - the bunny was kind to us all. I got the shoes and jean jacket I wanted plus some dove dark chocolate eggs. Yum.
8. My Easter dress - $30 from Old Navy. I love it. So much in fact, that when I realized I went off and left it in Nashville (along with my other hanging clothes [second time in a row that I have done that, by the way]), I spent Saturday morning running around to multiple Old Navys trying to find the same dress to wear to church. I succeeded.
9. Easter lunch - Mom cooked lunch for us all. The meal was as delicious as her cooking is infrequent.
10. Furniture - once back in Nashville, I immediately put together my lamp and coffee table from Ikea! Sixth months later, it's starting to feel homey in my apartment. Now all I need is some art and curtains and I'll have a living room.

I hope everyone's weekends were fantastic. However you celebrated, wherever you went and whomever you were with, I hope you looked around and thought, "wow - I am very blessed!" as I did more than a few times this weekend.


  1. Whoa! Congrats on the Wicked lottery. That's way cool. You're tied with me now. Awesome weekend.

    I hope your $30 Old Navy dress isn't a nightie.

  2. i want to see a picture of this amazing dress. glad you had a good time. love & miss you-


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