Monday, April 20, 2009


On Saturday evening, C and I were invited to one of our friends's house to hang out. Good friends, good conversation and GOOD FOOD. See exhibit A: edamame hummus.
No, this photo was not taken at the scene of the crime but the next day, at my house, after I had made my second-ever trip to Trader Joe's (and my maiden voyage to the one here in Nashville). I left with two cartons of the hummus, pita chips, some cheese and crackers, apples and Joe's O's aka Cheerios.

I went on a hummus binge last year or so, eating it every chance I got until I switched brands in a money-saving effort and did not like the new kind. Which really sucked because it was BOGO and so they both sat in my fridge for a while because I would not allow myself to buy more hummus until the hummus I had was already gone. So it stayed there, perhaps until I moved out.

Edamame hummus! It has the consistency of regular hummus but is saltier. It's good, trust me. And if you get it from Trader Joe's, it's good AND affordable!

So the next time you're having friends over and want to impress them, buy some edamame hummus. People will think you are a genious for serving such interesting and delicious food.


  1. I love Trader Joes. They have the best oatmeal cookies, actually everything they have is great. Including the fresh flowers.

  2. Your hummus has a nipple. You should probably censor that.

  3. So I have two more comments:

    1.) Purchased some Edamame Hummus last night. Mine didn't have a nipple.

    2.) My hummus was remarkably fresh because the seal was nearly impossible to break beneath the lid. Was yours like that too? Geez. It ALMOST ruined my experience. Nonetheless, with brute force I managed to get it open. It is quite tasty. Nice recommendation.


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