Friday, April 24, 2009


Have I finally run out of things to say? I hope not. This is what happens when you don't have a stalker. The blog suffers.

Let's see. What to discuss? I got my hair cut yesterday and with the snip of some scissors, summer officially began. Even though the first day of summer is not until June 21 (BIRTHDAY ALERT!), as soon as I looked in the mirror once Erin* was all done with me, I was instantly transported back to last summer. The short hair takes me back! I was "growing it out" this fall and winter and am SO glad it's short again. Reminds me of days at the pool, tap dancing, karaoke, and everything else I did last summer. I hope this summer is just as good! And since C has already started asking me what I want to do for my birthday, and his is before mine, all signs point toward a fantastic summer.

So, with the sun in my eyes and a bounce in my step, I went and did a little shopping before coming home to pack, clean, watch the Office and 30 Rock and fret about possibly getting stuck in Talledega traffic on my way home to Taziki's today.

Have a great weekend!

*Erin = best stylist in Nashville!

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  1. I need to cute mine again, too. It's absurdly long.

    Dega is this weekend? Crap. I have get on I-20 for three seconds and it's going to take forever, I just know it!


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