Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Well I was going to try to trick you all today and tell you I was done with blogging, but I think the blogosphere has seen all the trickery it can handle for one day... I think.

I had three very good reasons lined up. 1. Blogging is everywhere. Everyone has a blog except my mom and some of you would rather she did. The point is, everyone's got a blog now so one less won't kill you. Also, I was going to mention that it has not gone unnoticed, from this end at least, that this blog has gotten dull. No running or tap dancing, no weddings (of my own), no babies (of my own), no home decorating ideas... these days, it's just me and my stalkers. And last but not least, I am really having to put my head down here at work and focus. And therefore, the blog has to stop, at least for a while. But I don't think you'd have believed me, would you have?

The work part isn't a lie - things are crazy right now. But good crazy.

But I will keep blogging when I can, and stirring up mischief wherever I go so I will always have interesting things to say. Love you all! Seacrest... out!


  1. one less would kill if it was this one!

  2. Will you still be my friend :)

  3. I think one day blogs will replace actual news and will take over the world.


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