Sunday, April 26, 2009


As you know, I went to Birmingham for a few hours this weekend. It was a quick but perfect trip.

Friday, 6:30 pm: Pass two cars with "Dega bound!!", etc., written on the windows. As close as I get to Talledega traffic, thank goodness.

7 pm: Arrive at Taziki's. Happily eat my dinner alone at the counter.

7:30 pm: Head to Target to pick up muffin mix.

8 pm: Arrive at mom's house. Begin process of baking 6-7 dozen mini muffins (aka open pouch, add water).

8:15-9:30 pm: Circulate from oven to computer (where I am watching Duel 2 episodes) until all muffins are made and cooling neatly. Place pans beside the sink because it is already full.

9:35 pm: Bathtime!

10:30 pm: Out of bath and at computer until Mom returns home.

11:20 pm: Mom home. She's ready to talk; I'm ready to sleep. I win.

Saturday, 7:30 am: Wake up and drift in and out of sleep for 30 more minutes.

8 am: Begin getting ready. Shower curtain rod falls twice... while I am in the shower.

8:15 am: Notice I have a weird pain in my upper back. Take two advil.

8:30 am: Mom's boyfriend arrives. I am standing in my towel in the kitchen to greet him. Thank Mom for absolutely zero heads up on that one.

9 am: Packed and ready. Head to baby shower.

9:30 am-Noon: Lovely baby shower for Kathryn, whose unborn daughter now has more monogrammed items than I do. Get asked "So where are you now?" at least six times.

12:30 pm: Head to Summit to kill time while Mary Thomas naps. In a true display of strength , manage not to melt... or go broke.

1:30 pm: Arrive at Katie's mom's house. Finally meet Mary Thomas, who is perfect in every way. Marvel at how much she looks like her father, right down to the eyebrows. Watch Katie in her best role yet. Wish I lived closer to my best friends.

2:15 pm: Chicken salad stop at O'Carrs!

3 pm: Set cruise control and point wheel north. Back is still hurting.

5:30 pm: Arrive downtown. Traffic already bad from all the people trying to go out. See runners in their medals; experience first pang of regret/nostalgia for sitting this one out.

6 pm: Log into computer at work. Read that a runner died after finishing the half. Regret and nostalgia vanishes.

6:15 pm: Angrily scrap idea to fly somewhere for Memorial Day weekend upon discovering that those are blackout dates on the big one-day only half-off sale for fligts to/from Nashville on Road trip to Destin it is.

7 pm: On my couch eating edamame hummus and fruit for dinner.

7:30 pm: In my bed napping before going out.

8:45 pm: Out of bed, having never really fallen asleep.

10 pm: C picks me up. Meet another couple for some drinks. Enjoy the warm night and catching up with friends. Tell them about WWE and "Tom."

1 am: Back in my bed. Hope back pain will finally go away overnight.

Sunday, 10 am: Coffee on my couch. Back finally feels better.

11 am: Call YMCA re: summer membership after deciding I would easily pay to use a pool on a day like today. Summer membership is three months at $299 for center-only membership($399 for city-wide [Are you SERIOUS, YMCA?]) and is for families only. Vow to pick this up again another day when the pool is at least open.

Noon: Decide to act on initial nostalgia/regret from yesterday and go for run. Set very baby step goal and take off.

12:30 pm: Riverfront is an awesome place to run! Why have I not done this sooner?!

1 pm: Cool off after reaching my very baby step goal. Realize I am completely starting from scratch again. Feel stupid for letting that happen.

1:15 pm: "Damaged" by Danity Kane = best sit-up song ever!

2 pm: More edamame hummus and fruit, this time for lunch.

So there you go. As you can see, it has been a good weekend so far. Pictures tomorrow!


  1. Hey girl, try to get a Y membership with the Young Professionals Deal...the less you earn, the cheaper the membership - FINALLY a perk of being an event planner. You can cancel at any time. P.S. I finished in two hours and five million minutes. So hot this year - but how bout next year??? :)

  2. I did the exact same thing Sunday morning (researched a summer pool membership) and was blown away by how much it costs. I'll stick to laying out by the giant, free pool that runs through my backyard (aka, the Potomac River).

  3. I get a little bit excited every time your mom makes an appearance in your blog posts.


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