Monday, April 07, 2008


Look what I found:

Here we have Jennie, Aubie, Katie, Lindsay and Jennifer in Auburn, fall of 1995. Katie and I were in seventh grade and our sisters in ninth. Please make sure to notice my sister's huge feathered bangs, Katie's dinnerplate sized glasses (we could have tailgated off of those, Katie), my braces, bangs and VEST, and how Jennifer ends up looking like a supermodel, thanks to our fashion (or lack thereof) catastrophes.

I loved me some vests in the mid-nineties. I had at least five. But what this picture illustrates, besides that we were all horribly out of style, is the bond between our family and theirs. Katie's sister Jennifer and my sister Jennie are the same age and best friends, just like Katie and me, and our moms are even really close too. Weddings, divorces, death... there has been plenty to laugh and cry about over the years!

Also, notice what we are standing in front of - another Auburn building that is no longer there. Shocking! That's the old athletic building, aka "the barn" that burned down a year later. Rest in peace, Barn.

Just for the record, we've come a long way:


  1. Um, I think I need a "long way" photo, too!

  2. Yes, but you still have bangs.

  3. cute! LJ, I can't believe you aren't sporting orange and blue!

    and I remember that building burning down during a football game (I think it was LSU?) the next year

  4. REDEMPTION!!! (at least in my opinion). what you forgot to mention is that you, too, had glasses at one point...dinner plate or salad plate size? i truly can't remember. and, we didn't just share that in common...may i remind you of our total obsession with a Michael F??? this photo was taken just weeks before he came to b-wood jr hi. yes, those were the days.

  5. I tossed the salad plate sized glasses in fifth grade, maybe fourth before you even met me.

    it's okay, the braces speak loud enough. lovely.

    speaking of junior high boys, remember that little black boy that sat in front of us in geography? domonique? he was only there one year. i wonder whatever happened to him.

  6. Aubie's come a long way too since this photo was taken.

  7. Oh My Gosh!! You need a picture of the Mamas on there!!!
    Where are you finding all these crazy photos, Lulu, when you never come home? There are PLENTY more where that came from. Maybe I should start a blog???
    Yo' Mama

  8. i imagine dominique is still getting high on sharpie markers like he did in mrs. lemire's 7th grade english class. :)

  9. Please start a blog. LJ's mom. Please.


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