Monday, April 21, 2008


With the warm weather finally rolling around, I think it is time I shed some light on two recent discoveries in the Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt market. What better way to beat the heat than with some tasty cold ice cream or yogurt?

First of all, check your local grocery for Ben and Jerry's Single Serve Mini Cups: a wee 3.6 ounces of one of five delicious flavors, and they even threw a spoon under the lid (it actually looks more like a shovel than a spoon). It's the perfect size (it's like as tall as my pinky) for a bedtime snack or mid-day boost. I bought Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but you can also get them in Cherry Garcia, Strawberry Cheesecake or Vanilla. And each one is only a dollar at Kroger! Hip hip hooray.

Second, I discovered a new yogurt shop in town. Yogurt Oasis is unique in that unlike TCBY (which I am NOT knocking; this is just a little more convenient [aka they take debit cards]), you can choose as many flavors or toppings as you want, and then you pay by the weight. So rather than pay for each topping or additional flavor you want, you could hypothetically get a teeny tiny scoop of like a dozen toppings (though I think you'd run out of cup) and not pay any more for it. I enjoyed chocolate yogurt with Oreos and a few chocolate sprinkles. Yummy!

I have always had it bad for ice cream. My favorite snack in high school (besides cheese fries from Wings) was a bowl of Bluebell chocolate chip ice cream with Nesquik powder dusted on top. Delicious! We also had an ice cream truck make regular appearances in our school parking lot. Not to sound all Saved by the Bellish, but it was fun eating popsicles with my friends on warm afternoons, especially senior year when we didn't have to race off to our respective spring practices. We'd sit in someone's tailgate and hang out.

Maybe I should turn my lifelong quest for ice cream (chapters of which have been documented here, here and here) into a career?

P.S.: Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day is 4/29. Write that down.


  1. Have you been to Las Paletas? It's near Evan and Elliots place. Awesome home made popsicles.

  2. Ice cream is dangerous and a weakness of mine. I enjoy paletas, Pinkberry, and Coldstone. While I really don't like Coldstone's ice cream that much, I like having gummy bears in my ice cream. At Pinkberry's, I usually stick with the plain yogurt with pomegranate seeds, yogurt chips, and cap'n crunch on top.

    The Ben and Jerry's Mini Cups have been out for a while now. They don't have any of my favorite flavors though.


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