Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Just to show you how distracted I am these days:

This morning I grabbed a free paper at the entrance of my building, as I usually do, and walked into to work. I fixed my morning coffee and was eating breakfast at my desk as I started my computer and read the paper. I read the articles more carefully than usual, though I don't know why, but when I was flipping the page, noticed that the paper said Wednesday. "Wow, it's already Wednesday?" I thought to myself.

I spent a good five minutes believing it was already Wednesday; it wasn't until I looked at the TV lineup and saw that it was results night on American Idol and Mariah Carey would perform that I realized it was in fact Tuesday, and I was reading LAST WEDNESDAY'S paper. Really? How did I make it all the way to the TV listings before realizing that, and furthermore, how is it still in the stand?

Last night was a great night. Unexpectedly. Those are the best nights, when you don't plan for it to be such a great night and then it's awesome? Love those. It started when I called a spa - carefully selected after my extensive research - and booked a few treatments for the Monday after the race. If I'm not going to pamper myself, who IS? Then I met up with the brothers Thomas for another free sneak peek, this time of Baby Mama. Y'all - HILARIOUS. Go see it this weekend so it gets good opening weekend numbers. Then, I ran a four mile stretch that will be four miles of course on Saturday by the way - chance of rain back up to 40% and the high is now 70°, yikes!

I'm distracted from everything else because I am Focused with a capital F on the half! So I'm starting to feel really prepared! Yay!


  1. funny about the paper -- so something I would do!

    glad to hear Baby Mama is funny, I wasn't sure if I should admit that I wanted to see it or not.

  2. Where'd you book the spa treatment? I'm having some pampering done Friday.

    Good luck Saturday. I'm still sour that we're going to miss it.

  3. I'm packing up the rain gear for the race and will be there rain or shine!
    Can't wait!
    Yo' Mama

  4. Lindsay,
    Good Luck on Saturday from all of the people who love you in Alabama! We are too impressed with this challenge you've placed on yourself. But it's a known fact that wehn you decide to tackle something, you do it with gusto and the undying need to win. GO GIRL!!!!!

    Love you - Sue, Kyle and Jennie Grace

  5. Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you!
    War Eagle,


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