Monday, April 14, 2008


What a productive weekend!

My 10k on Saturday was great! It was a super flat but super boring course. I finished in what I thought was good time and enjoyed an ice cream sandwich for my effort. Outback also provided post-race refreshments, but instead of steaks, they served pasta. What a tease, Outback. Because, unlike most people, after I run 6.2 miles at 9:30 in the morning, all I want is ice cream, a steak and a blooming onion. Not pasta. GAH.

Here's something funny - I was discussing with Sarah my 10k finish time and how I was originally pleased, but after I realized that I was running slower (approx. 6 seconds per mile) than I did in my 5k, I was discouraged. She interrupted me and said "do you realize how good you are now that you are worrying about time and not the distance?" I realized she had a good point. For the first time ever I was concerned with my speed/time instead of worrying about just finishing the distance. I guess it's official - I'M A RUNNER y'all. I actually give a damn about my time; something I did NOT see coming.

My day off of work on Friday was good too. I found one part of town that had all the stops I needed to make - on one road, even - and so I felt super productive getting everything done. I even found something to hang on the wall in my bathroom in place of some ugly paintings the girl that lived here before me left behind (probably to cover up the big holes she left in the wall). And then, most exciting of all, I spent more than an hour online researching where I am going to go for my post-race massage. Woohoo. Should I put a Donate Now button on the left of this web page like I had up for the Team in Training Campaign? Ha.

And yesterday, I went to see Smart People. It was good. And not just because I snuck 8 lbs of candy into the movie theater.

So, all in all, a great weekend. I have been invited to the Predators hockey game tonight - my first hockey game ever. I am really anxious to see if they are as bad as I've always imagined they'd be, or if I'll be pleasantly surprised. But this one shouldn't really count because it will be their last game of the season if they lose (aka, a playoff game). So there'll be a big crowd of hockey enthusiasts... and me. By the way, Mom - Vince Gill is singing the national anthem, which is funny, because my ears just recently stopped bleeding from the last time I saw him perform.


  1. you are so cool. i want to be you. i love you

  2. i feel so honored that you would put me on your blog have i not noticed this change? tell me it hasn't been there long...
    what kind of candy was it? (that you snuck into the movies) there's something about movies and junior mints that i love. mmmmm

  3. Vince Gill has a great voice. I agree though, four hours of anything is extreme.
    Here's what i love about hockey: the refs just let em fight! Duke it out boys, we're not getting in the way!

  4. Lindsay, your Mom has kept me aprised (is that word good? you've got me spooked with the grammar thing) of your running success. It sounds like you are getting eggszellent (loved the story about yo momma and the bird egg) advise from your running coach. It is eggstremely important to keep doing the same things with the same stuff the day of the race. I love the way you descramble ..I mean.. describe the way you "lay" out your stuff the night before your long runs. That is - no yolk - the best way to get mentally prepared for your big run on the 26th.
    At this point the physical "hay is in the barn" to quote the venerable Aubun(sic) head coach Pat Dye. He also was fond of using another quote from that great american philosopher Yogi Berra who said (of baseball originally but it applies over easy to running) that 75% of it is half mental. He also said that if you see a fork in the road ....take it.
    Abigail and I are eagle-ly awaiting the CM half marathon and hope to see you there. I think your PETA defying Mother is staying at the same place with Ms. Jan, me and Abby. Keep up the good work and I think you will be so eggs-ooberant after the race to want to go for the big one, a full marathon. Chicago is a good one, I have done it twice and would like to do it one more time. I believe Chicago is the home town of one John Belushi.
    I feel so young!! This is the first time I have reacted to a blog. Yours is most entertaining.
    Take care and Wo Egull
    Larry Anderson
    Hope to see you soon in Nashburg.

  5. Larry, You have me (egg)rolling on the floor! Please comment every day on Lindsay's stuff. This can be your new blog!!
    Yo' egg suckin' friend


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