Thursday, April 10, 2008


Two and a half weeks. Sixteen days. And I could not be any more ready for it to get here.

Last night I ran 5.6 miles and in pretty good time. I have been told that I am hitting my peak, and I feel like I am too, so that worked out pretty well I guess. I planned my route to cover some of the half-marathon course that I'd never run before, so that was a good thing.

After my run, I tossed my iPod into the grass and walked around to cool off. Around 1 a.m., I remembered I had left it there. Poor lonely iPod, lying in the grass, or far worse, in the backpack of some greedy Lipscomb student. I have never driven so fast down Hillsboro and Woodmont. Luckily Rod the iPod was waiting on me and getting dewier by the second. I felt like a mom that left her child at the grocery store. It took me more than a year until I would leave Rod in the car by himself for fear he'd get stolen. And now I'm leaving him in the grass? I'm so ashamed. Please forgive me Rod, and pretty pretty please do not choose to seek revenge on the day of my race. Or else I will leave you in the grass for good.

Speaking of races, I am running a 10k this weekend. It will be good for me to be back in the race environment one more time before the big show, even if on a very small scale (competitive runners can be crazy intimidating). It's called the Moosic City Dairy Dash - put on by Purity Dairies, so I have very high hopes that ice cream will be served afterward. In fact, the top male and female finishers receive a year of free ice cream. But I'm not banking on being the top female (or male - ha) finisher, so I'll let someone else enjoy that prize.

I am sure y'all are getting sick of reading about running, but it's all I can think about lately. Thanks for being patient and supportive. I'm going to hear an 80s cover band on Saturday night, so between that and the 10k, maybe I will be have some funny stories to share.

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