Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Just as I reported, the New Kids On The Block are making an appearance on the Today Show this Friday, most likely to announce a reunion tour.

Know what this means? I'M GOING TO SEE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK.

The NKOTB concert was my first concert. I was in first grade and I remember being soooo enchanted. I thought it was so cool that we all screamed and beat on our chairs SO LOUD that they came back out on stage. Good job, Birmingham.

My parents did nothing to curb our frenzy over all things New Kids. We had the tapes. We had the Christmas album. We had the dolls (and they dated our Barbies). My sister had a sleeping bag and house shoes. We had the trading cards. We recorded the NKOTB: Wildest Dreams MGM Special... and watched it over and over again (as should you - listen to those accents!!!! It's like five CTs talking to each other!). We had buttons. We had T-shirts. We had the books. We watched the cartoons. We had our favorites (mine: Joe; Jen's: Jordan).

I have several NKOTB songs on my iPod and if you think I haven't been playing them a lot lately, you're wrong. I gotta start relearning those words so I can sing along at the show!

Update: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Even Danny is looking good in this picture! 20 years did the boys some good!


  1. is one of them gay? i'm thinking i heard this revelation back when neil patrick harris (aka- doogie howser- spelling?) announced that he was. just think, 15 years from now girls will be blogging (or some other insanely amazing technological concept) about hannah montana being their first concert!

  2. Jordan looks constipated. Donny Wahlberg looks so tough right there. You would like Joey. How old is he in that picture because he looks 12 and female.

  3. When they started the band in 1984, he was 12.

    And I am pretty sure they've all been called gay at some point in time. But no, none of them have officially come out. You're thinking of the N'Sync guy, Lance Bass.


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